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Search-Engine Terms

Okay, so I’m blatantly stealing this idea from ninjapirate.com, (I think… correct me if I’m wrong, or not) who documents a lot of fucked up fucking shit that people type into search engines when they come across his site, but This Is Modern hasn’t been around for long, and I’m already getting a few crazy search engine terms myself.

The following is a list of just some of the real search engine terms used when finding my site, according to the wordpress blog-stat thing, from most common to least common.

  • retard [ I used an image with the filename ‘retard’. This has garnered me a shitload of hits. I’d recommend any bloggers out there to insert a picture with the name ‘retard spastic mongoloid’ for maximum effect. Just by typing this sentence I’ve guaranteed myself an extra 150 hits this hour. ]
  • neil entwistle [Obviously getting his news from the reliable sources. ]
  • retard running
  • “salam cafe” [ I wrote that phrase once, yet I keep getting hits from it. ]
  • opinion pieces 2am nightclub lockout
  • big retard
  • all purpose tv
  • purpose tv
  • the effects on 2 am lockout
  • retarded dwarf with shit [ I don’t know precisely what this person was searching for, but I wager they didn’t find it here. ]
  • 2am lockout opinion piece
  • 2am lockout blog
  • pwnd retard [ Well I know at least one geek besides me has visted This Is Modern. ]
  • entwistle googled
  • 2am lockout, herald sun
  • shitting girlfriend [ Some clueless bastard wanted to see his girlfriend shitting, so he typed it into Google in the off-chance someone out there filmed it and posted it on the internet. Is there a market for this stuff? Maybe I should post more footage of girls shitting… ]
  • geekish names
  • retard fight [ Right on. Unfortunately I don’t have what you want, guy. ]
  • melbourne 2 am lockout herald sun
  • kate-bush [ You have fantastic taste, sir or madame, but I’m guessing madame. ]
  • 2am lockout opinion pieces
  • retarded midget [ Ouch… really? ]
  • “i wish” “kate bush”
  • modern rich boys’ names [ Wesley ]
  • 2 am lockout- opinion articles
  • reasons why the 2am lockout is bad [ Uhhhh… let me give you a dozen to start off with. ]
  • modern boy name started with sa
  • retard tiny head [ Hahahahaha Oh my GOD this is my demographic? ]
  • retard face
  • alco tax
  • june 2, herald sun, 2 am lockout
  • retard mongos
  • opinion piece 2am nightclub lockout
  • ian hewitson messy cook [ I agree, but I still can’t believe someone searched that… ]


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