Prehistoric Tree Removed to Make Way For Monument to Prehistoric Tree

A one-million year old Queensland pine tree, the so-called “Woonembi Peace Pine”, has been uprooted and mulched to make way for a multi-million dollar monument honoring the history of the same tree.

The Woonembi Peace Pine Memorial, built on the spot of the original, will contain artifacts relating to the tree, it’s effect on the local community, and even original pieces of the tree, salvaged before the iconic pine was unceremoniously shoved into a council wood-chipper.

“We really believe this over-priced and economically unviable project is the perfect way to honour the history of this mighty tree”, said local councillor Fred Gibbons, “It’s the next-best thing to actually being able to approach the tree and touch it with your own hands.”

It is believed the new high-tech memorial will include an activity center containing a full-scale replica of the Peace Pine. After donning safety-harnesses and helmets fitted with heart rate monitors and personal communication devices, children will be able to climb the replica in order to discover what it was like to climb a real tree.

“This monument will be a 100% modern, family-friendly tribute to an essential part of our local history.” Explained Mr Gibbons, sweating profusely.

Historians believe the giant prehistoric tree was once a traditional meeting place for the local Aboriginal tribes, where they would negotiate peace terms and hold joyous corroborees all through the night.

When asked for comment, a local Aboriginal elder shed a single tear.

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  1. Brilliant!! Haven’t heard it described better anywhere! Kudos. ^^

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