Neil Entwistle’s Other Google Searches

Husband Googled ‘How to kill’, court told.

A BRITON accused of murdering his wife and baby daughter made an internet search on “how to kill with a knife” just six days before their bodies were found, a US court has been told.

“A search was made on You search by key words. There were six words. ‘How to kill with a knife,”’ Lawrence James, a forensic computer expert and 20-year police officer, testified in Neil Entwistle’s double-murder trial.

Wow, Neil here has committed one of the biggest social faux-pas in modern society… implicating himself in a grisly murder through a simple computer history check… how embarassing!

Unbelievably, this was not the extent of his incriminating behavior around the time of his wife and daughter’s murder.
Here are some other searches he made according to Google…

  • How to kill with a knife
  • How to clean knife
  • Ginsu, complaints
  • What brand did Tim Shaw promote?
  • How to dispose of bodies
  • Where do I purchase ‘Lime’?
  • Other lime product that is not a delicious fruit
  • Sales points for the lime that dissolves dead bodies
  • Where to buy ‘tarp’
  • Is Grissom a real person?
  • Do I have to be worried about Grissom?
  • How to mask odour of dead bodies
  • Glen 20 product demo
  • People peeing on each other
  • Dead bodies, reasons they’d be dug up
  • Dog obedience schools
  • Is dog murder illegal?
  • Zombies, likelihood of
  • “Dog zombies”, likelihood of
  • How do I erase google history so I’ll never be implicated in my family’s murder?
  • Majorca, extradition laws/plane tickets

heheehehe oopsies!


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2 responses to “Neil Entwistle’s Other Google Searches

  1. Zombies, likelihood of
    “Dog zombies”, likelihood of

    I lol’d

  2. James

    I just can’t get over the photo where he is obviously in deep anguish, yet he could also be giggling like a schoolgirl.

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