Boys Night Out

Last night I bit the bullet and decided to edit the footage I’d gotten from a boys night out some months back.

Needless to say it was quite the messy night. See for yourself…

Afterwards, I apparently slept for a solid two hours sitting upright on a chair with my legs crossed. Class and finesse, baby.


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10 responses to “Boys Night Out

  1. lololol. boothy is cute. just sayin.

    are you even in this? CONFUSED.

    i enjoy the showing of the fashionz.

  2. James

    Hahaa I will never tell!
    Boothy has what we like to call ‘Kinder-Face Syndrome’. Meaning, he really doesn’t look any different to when he was in kinder. Except maybe slightly taller.

  3. it really was compelling … and rich. (I’m ron burgundy?)

    lots of love to ming en and to your fierce dandy outfits.

    ps kiki says thanks for making her laugh even though she’s in vast amounts of pain (she may have fallen over in taylor square at 6 am saturday and have a broken elbow. just sayin. if she didn’t have a cast from her shoulder to her wrist I’m sure she’d comment herself)

  4. James

    Oh my god, a severe drunken fall-over-and-laugh-to-pretend-it’s-not-excruciatingly-painful injury, or just an excruciatingly painful injury?…
    Please tell me it’s the first one. I think I’m in love a little bit.

  5. … it’s both. the crackheads in the emergency room didn’t think it looked so bad though.

    get your poscas out and you can sign the cast when we’re in melby in july if you like.

  6. James

    Deal. But I must warn you, I’m more of a Connector-Pen kinda guy.


    it really hurts to type but i needed to let u know ur video is one of the top 10 greatest things ive ever seen. i mostly enjoy the homoerotic man dancing. arse slapping for the win!!

    i cant straighten my arm by the way. thanks to my sexy sexy cast i am now like barbie. barbie with a drinking problem.

  8. James

    Chronic Cirrhosis Barbie… with her Dream Dialisis Machine (not included).
    I don’t know that you should be suffering pain just to let everyone know that you approve of my blowout friends and I.
    Actually, no, it’s pretty cool!

  9. bahaha YES exactly.

    here i am –

    (thanks google images)

  10. FINALLY got around to watching this (i went over my limit) and omg i’m so the ming en of our girls group. hahaha.

    this has inspired me to film our girls night out when we have one even if they all object (i will film in secret.)

    nice work, james!

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