Drunjk post…

oh my god theres a big fucking sloth on ,ym lbog!!!!


this is a entry about how i drank around 18 beers and a jager-bomb tonight, and i didnt even start a fight!!!

fuck you howadrd rudd.,’

anyways,  i got in a cab and almost gave the drve r too much cash, but he remindmed me i alreqady gave him a $20 note, so i tipped him $3 for being an honest and decenttt bastard…

i (heart) this cuntry.

ANYway lets sing the nash anthem.

…or lets no.t

i hoooked in WITH a hot chick tonight on the daenc floor..  😉   ;0)  l;0) __))
so wahsst., thats happens all the time…,

well., ill psst moer shit late..r…

(heart) jamess O



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4 responses to “Drunjk post…

  1. HERAT


    lolz forever

    I can’t wait till u wake up tomorrow morning and discover this.

  2. HAHAHAH omg you champ. I got drunk last night too. unfort i didn’t do any drunk posting on our blog, which is more than i can say for SOMEONE.

  3. “i hoooked in WITH a hot chick tonight on the daenc floor..”

    also, i enjoy the emphasis on ‘with’ in this sentence. like as though you want to stress that it wasn’t NEXT TO a hot chick or BEHIND a hot chick, it was WITH HER PPL. WITH.

  4. Jimmy

    Just woke up. My mouth tastes yucky. I’m quite proud of this post. I’d love it if you guys did drunk blogs. I’m thinking of only updating while hammered now!

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