We Represent the Jagerbomb Guild

More alcohol-related outrage on the ether…

Protest over topless Spirit Midget…

A PUB promotion involving a bare-chested and top-hatted dwarf walking the length of a bar pouring free booze down the throats of patrons has drawn protests from alcohol education campaigners.

The Jagermeister promotion has been on one night a week at The Saint in St Kilda, Melbourne, the Port Phillip Leader reports.

“Evening ma’am, can I interest you in some Jagermeister?”

“Yeeee.. drink it down bitch! Dollar dollar bill yo!”

How come I never know about these promotions?
The closest I’ve gotten is when I rocked up at a club half an hour after the Corona girls had gone around giving everyone free merch.

I found a Corona™ sweatband on the D-Floor but then dropped it in the toilet.

I don’t know if I’d trust a litte person holding a full sized bottle of spirits above my open mouth. Just seems to be another way of saying “You know front teeth, we’ve had some good times, and you’re useful and all, but there’s a half-naked dwarf in a top-hat standing awkwardly on the bar with a heavy glass bottle way too big for his stubby little fingies pouring spirits into peoples mouths and I want to be a part of that.”

Good on him though, he’s obviously a hard worker, and I’m gunna say it… the man takes care of his body. STACKED.

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One response to “We Represent the Jagerbomb Guild

  1. Yeah, that guy’s been doing his Jaegerbomb thing down at Barcode every weekend after 1am for ages… but normally you have to pay for the shot 🙂

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